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BMW E90LCI M3 in front of Schmiedmann Odense Schmiedmann Sweden E46 M3 Schmiedmann big brake kit

A new kind of BMW shop

Soon a new kind of BMW shop will open in Malaysia. With a physical shop in Kuala Lumpur and an online BMW shop with the world's largest selection of BMW parts, styling, tuning and accessories. On top of that we guarantee the lowest prices on all our products.

Untill we are ready you can shop at our online store

About Schmiedmann

Schmiedmann is a 20-year-old company started in Denmark with branches in Germany, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Hungary, Netherland, Baltics, Czech Republic, Macedonia and soon also in Malaysia. For all those years we have been working with one brand only - BMW! Over the years we have gathered a lot of know-how and experience so we can serve our customers the best.

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